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Business Matching Financing and Export of KKI 2022

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) are part of the national economic entity that has great potential in improving welfare, as reflected in the dominance of the number of business units (99.9%), the high absorption of labor (96.92%) and the high contribution large to GDP (60.51%). In addition, MSMEs also have the resilience to support the country's economy even when facing an economic crisis or during the Covid-19 pandemic which has a significant impact on MSME performance. This shows that the resilience of MSMEs can be one of the economic buffers that are able to withstand periods of pressure and grow back more quickly. Based on this, MSMEs play an important role in supporting economic stability so that their sustainability needs to be supported in accelerating economic transformation towards Advanced Indonesia.

In supporting the efforts to develop MSMEs, Bank Indonesia formulates MSME development policies through three policy pillars, namely strengthening corporatization, capacity building, and access to financing to encourage competitive MSMEs to accelerate inclusive economic growth. Strengthening corporatization is expected to encourage the creation of an integrated business ecosystem that supports productivity improvements supported by increasing the capacity of MSMEs to improve MSME capabilities, both in terms of human resources and business development. Furthermore, for MSMEs that have increased their capabilities and sustainability through these two efforts, access to financing can be facilitated so that MSMEs can advance their class and achieve competitive MSMEs. These three pillars are implemented with an end-to-end, sustainable approach, and prioritize synergy with stakeholders, especially Ministries/Agencies and Local Governments.