Webinar "Women and Youth MSME Empowerment to Promote Financial and Economic Inclusion"

Friday 27 May, 14:00 - 16:00 WIB

Leader's Insight:

  • Perry Warjiyo - Governor of Bank Indonesia
  • Sandiaga Uno - Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy


  • Ina Primiana - 1st Secretary of the Indonesian Economics Bachelors Association
  • Munifah Syanwani - Chairperson of Indonesian MSME Women Empowerment
  • Angkie Yudistia - Presidential Special Staff for Social Affairs, Activists of MSMEs with Disabilities
  • Syahnaz Widia Winarto - Owner of Rorokenes

Moderator/Host: Andromeda Mercury


A presentation of a talk show that discusses various best practices of MSME empowerment programs, especially in women and youth communities in order to encourage financial and economic inclusion