Dompet koin decoupage

Rp 20,000

Product Description :

Dimension: Panjang/length = 12cm; Lebar/width = 5cm; Tinggi/height = 8cm
Material Type: Anyaman pandan dengan motif dari tissue (Pandan weaving with a motif from tissue)

This wallet is the result of a decoupage creation, with a unique motif made from tissue patterns placed on a woven pandan medium. Our innovation in this wallet lies in using tissue with distinctive local motifs from Bangka Belitung, namely the traditional musical instrument "Alat Musik Dambus," and there are also other options for common motifs, such as beautiful flowers. The wallet is of small size, available in stock, and can be ordered in large quantities with a Purchase Order (PO) system. Additionally, the motif can be customized as well.

3Shesca Kepulauan Bangka Belitung

MSME Profile

The owner of this Getas BAHEK EWAKI business is Andreas Maulana, located at Jalan Baru RT 07 No.395, West Kurau Village, Koba District, Central Bangka Regency, Bangka Belitung Islands Province. The history of the establishment of this business in 2014, initially fish brittle was only produced for daily consumption. There was a thought to produce more for sale. Many consumers like our products, especially requests from consumers who have shops ordering this fish crackers product to be sold again, until now this business continues to grow and can absorb labor around the processing area.