Nusantara Coffee Creation

Kadatuan Koffie Arabica Jawara

Rp 75,000

Product Description :

Net Weight: 250gr
Ingredients: 100% coffee
Type of Coffee: Arabica Java Preanger
Coffee Processing Method: Natural
Coffee Processing Method: Dry Hulling
Roasting Rate: Medium Roast

Kadatuan Kopi Jawa Barat

MSME Profile

CV. TRI ANOM AGROTEKTUR or known as the Kadatuan Koffie brand, was established in 2016. This brand was raised from the story of the galuh pakuan kingdom era to bring the cultural and historical values of tatar priangan to foreign countries through the processing of its own produce (starting from coffee). We focus on sustainable West Java coffee production by promoting the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) program. In the on farm system we refer to the Organic plantation system (SNI: 6729-2016), while in the production process we refer to the food safety HACCP system (Reg: QM 5930) issued by WQA (Worldwide Quality Assurance).