Nusantara Coffee Creation

Kopi Gunung Raja Cigalontang - Honey

Rp 25,000

Product Description :

Net Weight: 100 gram
Ingredients: Kopi Arabika
Type of Coffee: Arabika
Coffee Processing Method: Honey
Coffee Processing Method: Wet Hulling
Roasting Rate: Medium Roast

MSME Profile

Gunung Raja Cigalontang Coffee is a grain of pearl produced by the East Priangan Earth. The best taste of Sundanese Earth is presented in Gunung Raja Cigalontang coffee which is produced from the expanse of Raja Mountain in Tasikmalaya Regency which is located at an altitude of 1200 masl where Arabica coffee can thrive. Raja Mountain is located not far from Galunggung Mountain, a legendary Tasikmalaya icon. Coffee is grown exclusively organically o provide a unique flavor. Puspa Rahayu Farmers Group currently manages 200 ha of land with sigararutang arabica, S line and Java Preanger coffee varieties.