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Meulawi Gayo Arabica Specialty Coffee 200gr

Rp 60,000

Product Description :

Net Weight: 200 gr
Ingredients: 100% Pure Gayo Arabica Coffee
Type of Coffee: Arabika
Coffee Processing Method: Full Wash
Coffee Processing Method: Dry Hulling
Roasting Rate: Medium Roast

Meulawi Coffee Lhokseumawe

MSME Profile

Meulawi Coffee is located in Kapiten Yusuf Hamlet, Meunasah Mesjid Village, Muara Dua District, Lhokseumawe City. Meulawi comes from the Gayo language which means "Spirit". The processed Meulawi Coffee is 100% original Gayo Arabica and Robusta Coffee beans obtained from a private plantation located in Kenawat Redelong, Bener Meriah. Coffee that is processed 100% pure coffee without mixture, safer and affordable prices with exclusive packaging. Meulawi Coffee is an unmixed coffee product with Grade 1 coffee quality with BPOM standards, Halal and SCAI standards which are processed hygienically. Meulawi Coffe Puncakin Semangatmu (Meulawi Coffee Peak Your Spirit)