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Almond Sea Salt - Almond Asin dengan Sea Salt 30gr

Rp 11,000

Product Description :

Net Weight: 30gr
Material Content: Almon, sea salt
Variant / Flavor: Asin

Perfectly salted roasted almond, ALMOND SEA SALT

Classic taste never gets old.
Roasted almond with sea salt always the best choice. We only using premium ingredients and roasting on the perfect temperature to create the maximum crunchiness.
Perfect for salad topping, savory oatmeal, snack etc.

Ingredients: Almond, Sea Salt

- Vegan Friendly
- Gluten-Free
- No White Sugar
- Real Ingredients
- Tanpa Perasa & Pewarna buatan
- Tanpa Bahan Pengawet
- Tanpa MSG

PIRT 2153172080235-24

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