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Cashew Salted Garlic - Kacang Mede Rasa Bawang 30gr

Rp 13,900

Product Description :

Net Weight: 30gr
Material Content: Cashew, Garlic, sea salt, sorghum sugar
Variant / Flavor: Asin Garlic

An irresistible snack that loaded with savory, crunchiness and you can't stop munching it, salted Garlic Cashew

Crunchy yet creamy with a hint of nutty sweetness, arent cashews your favorite nut? with garlic to add another dimension of yumminess!

Snack anytime during the day when enjoying your afternood tea, while relaxing in the evening or topping it above your fresh salad. They're superb all-natural snack.

Cashew Salted Garlic, a superb all-natural snack.

Ingredients : Cashew, Garlic, sea salt, gula sorghum

- Gluten-Free
- Vegan Friendly
- No White Sugar
- Real Ingredients
- Tanpa Perasa & Pewarna buatan
- Tanpa Bahan Pengawet
- Tanpa MSG

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