Outer Batik Banten

Rp 550,000

Product Description :

Size: Fit to L
Material Type: Bahan perpaduan mix batik dan kain polos
Coloring Type: Pewarna Sintetis

Rhamala Hijab Banten

MSME Profile

Established in 2017. Rhamala produces ethnic fashion, ready to wear and premium ethnic voal hijab. The products made always use typical fabrics from regions throughout Indonesia and local wisdom motifs with the best quality. The designs made always have a combination or combine them such as Lurik, Batik, Weaving, and others. Rhamala's design always prioritizes Islamic rules in clothing, has the characteristics of wudhu friendly and breastfeeding mother friendly which is designed by professional designers so that it can be accepted, especially young mothers who are active outside the home.