Rules and Instructions for Attending an Exhibition

1. A visit to the 2022 KKI Exhibition is free of charge

2. Schedule of Visits for the 2022 KKI Exhibition

  • In the context of accelerating the handling of the Covid-19 virus, there are restrictions on the number of visitors and online registration before entering the KKI 2022 exhibition area with the following visitor schedule:
  • Session 1 : at 09:00 - 13.00 Jakarta's Time
  • Session 2 : at 13.00 - 17.00 Jakarta's Time
  • Session 3 : at 17.00 - 21.00 Jakarta's Time

3. Exhibition Visitor Terms

  • Visitors are required to register online or attend in person at the Jakarta Convention Center Hall A registration counter
  • Visitors have admission tickets submitted via email
  • Visitors have Peduli Lindungi applications and have been vaccinated at least 2 (two) times

4. Procedure for Ordering Exhibition Entrance Tickets through the KKI Website

  • Ticket registration is done through the website
  • Visitors fill in their identity and determine the day and time of their visit
  • Entrance tickets containing barcodes will be submitted via visitor's email

5. Procedure for Entrance Visit to Exhibition

  • Visitors who already have an entrance ticket, make a visit on the specified day
  • Visitors scan the barcode of Peduli Lindungi in the front exhibition area
  • Visitors go to the entrance and show the barcode listed on the ticket to be scanned
  • Tickets can only be used by the owner listed on the ticket
  • Visitors are prohibited from bringing weapons and illegal drugs
  • Visitors must comply with and apply the Covid-19 health protocol while in the exhibition area

6. In the event that the visitor does not meet the requirements and conditions mentioned above, the committee has the right to refuse the visitor to enter the offline exhibition area

Exhibition Registration